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Table Top Gaming For Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

You may have heard a thing or two about Extra Life Grand Rapids or the upcoming GrandCon but what you may not know is that Sept 16-18 is also a national weekend of table top gaming apprecition.  It’s a common misconception that Extra Life is solely a video game marathon, when in reality, over 15,000 “Extra-Lifers” participated solely by playing tabletop games last year!  In honor of this growing community of gamers, Extra Life will be kicking off its second annual Tabletop Apprecition Weekend on Friday September 16! Think about it.  It’s like a warm up for Game Day. Tabletop gamers will be creating Extra Life teams, playing their favorite games and sharing Extra Life with their fans. Let’s give a shout out to tabletop players everywhere for their relentless support of our hospitals and the families they treat! How can you get involved? One way to become involved is by downloading and sharing the Tabletop Apprecition Weekend flyer.  Print it off and take it to your favorite local game store or hang it in the break room.  Or sign-up to be a part of Extra Life and start planning your own table top gaming marathon.