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Watch Out! Bandits On The Loose. 

When you are out and about shopping this fall, be careful because you might just run into a Change Bandit. Like a bandit, these piggy bank donation canisters, will hopefully ‘steal’ some loose change. But don’t worry, all proceeds will go to support Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Unlike most donation canisters though Change Bandits are different for one big reason: they all have been decorated and beautified by current or former children’s hospital patients.  Decorating a bandit gives patients a creative artistic outlet and provides needed distraction during a difficult time period in a child’s life.  And the best part is that these artistic creations will have a lasting impact in the community as they will be used for years to come to support children’s healthcare. Pictured above are just a couple of these creations done by some gifted artists. Businesses that choose to be involved automatically become a sponsor for the 17th Annual Think Outside Yourself (T.O.Y.) Radiothon on Star 105.7 supporting Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

How can I support Change Bandits?

  1. If you are a former patient or a parent of a former patient, we welcome your help. We need artists willing to beautify lights. Just call 616.391.5139 or e-mal to get your bandit today.
  2. If you work for a business or are yourself a business owner who might be receptive to having a pig placed in their local contact James Steenbergen.
  3. Tune in and participate in the T.O.Y. Radiothon broadcasting this year on Thursday December 8 and Friday December 9 on Star 105.7. And shop at local stores that are participating.  A full list of Change Bandit participant stores will be avalable by October 1st in an update to this posting.